About Perry, NY


The Town of Perry is located on a plateau that overlooks both the Genesee Valley and the Oatka Valley. To the east of Perry lies Letchworth State Park, "The Grand Canyon of the East." To the south is Silver Lake, with its clear waters, boating, fishing, campgrounds, boat marinas, swimming beaches and the Pioneer Cabin. The location of Perry provides beautiful scenery that includes fields of grain and corn, beans, soybeans, alfalfa, and other produce. Citizens will tell you with pride that there is a larger population of cows than of people. The Town of Perry is home to some of the most productive farms found in the state of New York. Large barns, housing 700 or more milking cows, provide a very productive industry to this area. Perry is a Right to Farm community. For more information, download the Right to Farm document under the "Downloadable Documents" section of this page.

Arts Council and Public Library

The Arts Council for Wyoming County is located in the Business District. Perry provides much of the backing for the county’s cultural events. Music, plays, historic interpretations, and other programs blend into the Perry scene. The Perry Public Library was built in 1914 with funds provided by the Carnegie Foundation. The Library has a large collection of reading materials, tapes, computers, and archives for a large collection of Perry history. The Art Gallery connected with the library features the works of Lemuel and Irving Wiles, noted late 19th century artists. The exhibit is open to the public and the focus of many interested national art museums. The Library is also located on the first known cemetery in Perry. The remains of the first permanent resident(s) of Perry are believed to be located on the Library property.

Perry Central School District Alumni Association

The Perry Central School district has the longest surviving Alumni Association in the country. Every year the Alumni Banquet welcomes the recent graduates into the Alumni Association and honors the history of past graduates.